Affordable Concealed Pistol License Training

Cross Roads Safety Training was formed to instruct and train law abiding citizens in the safe use of firearms. We are focused on giving students
the knowledge and skills needed to obtain a Concealed Pistol License in
the state of Michigan.

We are currently offering classes in Holly, Michigan in Oakland County,
that will allow you to apply for your Michigan CPL/CCW. This class meets
all State of Michigan requirements and is taught by NRA Certified Training Instructors.

Safety is of the utmost concern. This is stressed throughout the class and especially during the range portion to enhance the student's ability to learn
by creating a comfortable environment. This environment is casual, easy and fun. We believe in providing a well balanced learning experience by mixing course book work, lectures and student involvement using samples and props. This mix keeps the instruction fresh, thought-provoking and stimulating so you the student can learn and retain more. Man or woman, this is a great atmosphere to learn and be comfortable.

We are NRA Certified Instructors and Range Safety Officers, experienced shooters and hunters. Specializing in training our clients in the proper use of firearms, and the knowledge on how to defend their second amendment rights!

Call: 248.933.0739 or 248.804.6633