Information About Our Classes

CPL Classroom Training

We start our day with classroom instruction. Classes start promptly at 8am at our class room location in Holly, MI. Coffee and donuts are provided and there will be multiple small breaks throughout the classroom session. You are welcome to bring any food, snacks or drinks you might want. Questions are always encouraged.
We ask that you not bring your personal firearm into the classroom for this portion of the training and instead leave it in a locking case in your locked vehicle.

CPL Field Training

The field training session will take place after the classroom training session has finished. You are welcome to bring your personal firearm and ammunition for this portion of the class. We recommend that you bring at least 70 rounds of ammunition. If you currently do not have a personal firearm, we can provide you with a rental gun and ammunition for a nominal fee. Eye and ear protection will be provided but you are welcome to bring your own if you would prefer.

Hunter Safety

Separate from our CPL training, we also teach Hunter Safety Classes. If you and a small group of friends or family would like to go through this course, let us know and we will work out a time with you.

CPL Class Highlights

  • Tool of last resort
  • Shooting to stop the threat
  • The aftermath and contacting the police
  • Firearm laws of particular interest
  • Grip, stance and basic shooting positions
  • Drawing from concealment and shooting accurately
  • Shooting from cover or concealment
  • Just how close is too close?
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